Automatic Rotary Dosing Machine

Rotary dosing machines with automatic loading and unloading for an output between 2,000 and 4,000 bottles/hour.

  • The bottles enter the machine through a worm and a star places them under the rotary central dosing station with 6-10-12 disgorging arms depending on the model.
  • On the first lap, bottles are placed vertically under a partial emptying nozzle.
  • On the second lap, the bottle is tilted at 60º and hermetically closed under a liqueur doser for a maximum of 6 cl.
  • On the third lap, bottles are placed vertically under a topping up nozzle.
  • The machine is equipped of two tanks, one for the wine sucked up during partial emptying and a second one supplied by a small pneumatic pump used for topping up.
  • Structure built in stainless steel and tilted plate to evacuate liquids.
  • Cleaning system through water sprays.
  • LED light inside the machine.
  • Designed to work with bottles of 37.5 cl and 75 cl.