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Chilly Max

The Chilly MAX glycol chiller has a compact design, takes little space and is very easy to install and to start-up. The Chilly MAX units come on wheels to ensure mobility. Similar to the Chilly shelf-top units, the Chilly MAX is equipped with a hermetically closed motor compressor and with a complete cooling water circuit containing a stainless steel water tank and a centrifugal pump. They also contain an additional heater which is integrated inside a stainless steel water-tank.

  • Compact design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect for use in a variety of applications.
ModelCooling Capacity Approx. Fermentation Capacity Over A 3 Week Period
Chilly Max 506.4 kW 30,o00 Lts
Chilly Max 90 10.7 kW50,000 Lts
Chilly Max 11012.7 kW70,000 Lts