Enolmaster Vacuum Filler

Enolmaster is a professional four head semi-automatic filling machine, filling up to four bottles at once in just a matter of seconds. Due to its size and stainless steel frame, it is the ideal filler for products such as edible oil, wine and distillates. The Enolmaster operates according to the same principles as the Enolmatic, as it uses a vacuum pump to draw liquid from the tank into the bottles. You can adjust the maximum fill-level, which will stay fixed throughout the filling process once set. The tank from which the liquid is drawn can be placed up to four meters below the filling machine. Main features include fills up to 600 bph, a no-drip system and filling nozzles in stainless steel material. Additionally, various filling kits are available based on the product needing to be filled in order to enhance the overall filling process.
The Enolmaster is supplied standard with a Pyrex glass recovery vessel which is suitable for products with an alcohol percentage above 20%. Accessories (optional) include: tandem filter housing with Pyrex bowl, stainless steel and synthetic filter cartridges, stainless steel filling heads for miniature bottles, mignon filling kits and large diameter filling cones.
  • Fills up to 600 bph.
  •  No-drip system and frame and filling nozzles in stainless steel material.
  • Variety of optional accessories available.