Flat Bottom Variable Capacity Tanks

Manufactured in Italy by AG Inox, our range of flat bottom variable capacity tanks are a versatile storage option and ideally suited for top up tanks. AG Inox offer a superbly finished tank in 304 stainless steel with high quality polished internal finish.

All variable capacity tanks are offered with the full VC kit – airlock, pump, tube and floating lid.

Our 100L-600L are all fitted with a welded ¾” BSP socket and are supplied with a stainless steel drain tap. The 1000L tanks have a welded BSM 25mm outlet and are supplied with a ball or butterfly valve.

Our 1500L and 2000L tanks come with a 50mm BSM outlet with optional valves available.  In addition to the usual VC kit, sample taps and crane are included with these larger sizes.  These tanks can also be supplied with a 300mm round door.

All flat bottom VC’s can also be offered with the option of a simple dust cover for beverage producers that don’t require an airtight seal.

Optional stands are available for all sizes.

ModelsDiameterHeightOutlet Size
100L Variable Capacity Tank452mm800mm19mm BSP
200L Variable Capacity Tank525mm1000mm19mm BSP
200L Variable Capacity Tank (Wide)640mm700mm19mm BSP
300L Variable Capacity Tank640mm1000mm19mm BSP
400L Variable Capacity Tank720mm1000mm19mm BSP
500L Variable Capacity Tank720mm1250mm19mm BSP
600L Variable Capacity Tank 796mm1250mm19mm BSP
1000L Narrow Variable Capacity Tank930mm1500mm25mm BSP
1000L Wide Variable Capacity Tank1030mm1250mm25mm BSP
1500L Variable Capacity Tank 1150mm1500mm50mm BSM
2000L Variable Capacity Tank1320mm1500mm50mm BSM