Grapeo Dosing Table

The Grapeo dosing table from Puleo is mainly used for grapes reception as they allow a continuous and constant flow of the product according to their work capacity. The machine is made entirely in AISI 304, and comes in two versions, GRAPEO 10 and GRAPEO 15 PLUS.

  • Grapeo 10
    • Grape advancement thanks to the vibration of horizontal table.
    • Upper vibrating table with grid and longitudinal openings.
    • Lower draining grid anchored to the upper table through four latches.
    • Equipped with START STOP control box and emergency button.
  • Grapeo 15 Plus
    • Mainly suitable to receive bins having a capacity from 350 until 1500 kg.
    • Grape advancement thanks to the vibration of the horizontal table.
    • Door opening/closing through handwheel equipped with screw. Version with door opening by pneumatic piston on demand.
    • Equipped with control panel and inverter.
    • Frame resting on adjustable legs.
ModelInstalled Power Dimensions (MM)
Grapeo 10 Plus0.95 kW 1657 x 1960 x 1840
Grapeo 15 Plus2.2 kW2130 x 2232 x 1874