Grifo Crusher Destemmer

Italian made grape destemmers by Grifo to suit the smaller producer.  All models have a large hopper with an auger to ensure the consistent feed needed to ensure clean destemming. Gears and supports are made of nylon and self lubricating.  All rotating shafts work on ball bearings for quiet operation and durability, and the destemmer drum is stainless steel for easy cleaning. Capacity is up to 1500kg per hour and rollers are adjustable for grape size.

Discharge of crushed grapes is directly out from the bottom of the destemmer, into your fermenting vat or press, so no must pump is needed.


  • Perfect for smaller producers.
  • Capacity up to 1500kg per hour.
  • No pump required.
  • All motorised units fitted with an Emergency Stop button.
  • Full enamel mild steel body, motorised crusher destemmer with feeder auger and spring mounted nylon rollers for a more gentle crushing action.
  • Enameled body with stainless steel hopper and auger, same features as enamel unit, but with stainless top section for resistance to dents caused by grape bins or vine wood.
  • Full stainless steel with lobed rubber rollers, for years of reliable, rust free service and gentle, lobed rubber rollers suited to delicate varieties like Pinot noir.