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A professional humidification of the barrel room allows the barrel wood to absorb water vapour and the loss of wine is minimised. A well-kept barrel room is cool, usually around 14-16°C and humidified at around 75-80%rH. As with every aspect of winemaking, attention and professional equipment is required. No or low humidification may allow the wood to dehydrate and wine will evaporate through it. Overly high humidity can lead to mould and fungus. The humidification system HumiSys functions by means of spraying fine water-vapour via atomising nozzles and distributes it homogeneously in the wine cellar. The HumiSys is available in three different configurations (with 360° fans, fans with high air flow or direct nozzle pipe line) and any desired combination of these elements, for the optimally-tailored humidification system for any cellar.

  • Available in three different configurations.
  • Can be tailored to suit any cellar.
  • Prevention of wine evaporation through dried barrels.
  • Perfect hydration of barrel-wood.