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The Easyferm® yeast rehydrator has proven itself an outstanding innovation for wineries seeking to obtain high viability and vitality of cells in their ferments. With the optional Pied de Cuvee feature, the current generation of Easyferm® unit can be used to prepare and acclimatise rehydrated yeast cells to the adverse conditions present in both sparkling wine & arrested fermentations to improve performances in both areas.   

  • Minimises risk of interrupted fermentation.
  • Clear expression of yeast properties.
  • Clean fermentation.
  • Easyferm® is a skid-mounted mobile bioreactor with PLC control and engineering design features to optimise; rehydration of active dry wine yeast, the initiation of secondary ferment in sparkling wines and resumption of fermentation in arrested primary fermentations. 
  • A reactor vessel that in combination with the hydraulic circuit elements, is able to heat the hydration water to a preset temperature for yeast rehydration. The vessel also has external brine bands for the introduction of coolant to produce the graduated acclimatisation to inoculation temperature.
  • Allen Bradley PLC unit with adjustable parameters for the rehydration and pied de cuvee functions
  • Hydraulic circuit including heaters in line with feed pump
  • Pneumatic actuated solenoids for delivery of brine, water or wine & switching from circulate mode to discharge mode
  • Pneumatic nutrient pump for nutrient (MCR) & cleaning fluid introduction

Easyferm XS8 kgOnly rehydration
Easyferm 2525 kgOnly rehydration
Pied de cuve
PDC with oak function
Easyferm XL40 kgOnly rehydration
Pied de cuve
PDC with oak function