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The Easyfloat accelerates white juice processing with single digit NTU clarification and fining achieved in a fraction of the time of cold settling, and at temperatures that allow rapid onset of ferment after inoculation.  Juclas Easyfloat is available in capacities from 5,000L/h to 50,000 L/h, and includes peristaltic dosing pumps for fining agents.

  • Quick separation of indigenous micro-organisms from the must.
  • Reduced quantity of lees to be filtered.
  • More effective management of fermentation processes.
ModelMotor (kW)Batch Size
Easyfloat 50 4Up to 7000L
Easyfloat 1005.5Up to 12,000L
Easyfloat 3008Up to 40,000L
Easyfloat 50012 50,000L Plus