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Juclas Mastermind QFT

Juclas mastermind QFT is an electronic instrument that by performing a test based on weight automatically calculates the most important filterability indexes in wine and water with control of the operating temperature.

Mastermind QFT is the only instrument of this type currently available in the market able to record temperature of the sample during the test, allowing a true comparison of the data collected and repeatability of results. 

The software supplied with Mastermind QFT allows personalising test parameters in order to calculate filterability test for other applications than wine, for example juices.

Tests on products: 

  • Filterability Index (FI)
  • Modified Filterability Index (MFI)
  • Maximum volume filterable (V MAX)

Main characteristics of the MASTERMIND QFT software:

  • Setting of test parameters (volumes, volumes for washing, maximum duration of the test)
  • Scale calibration
  • Auto configuration of PC ports
  • Archive of tests results and operating parameters
  • Record of test temperature
  • Databases of the test with the option to search by field
  • Automatically calculates the most important filterability indexes in wine and water.
  • A one of a kind instrument.
  • Software supplied allows for personalising test parameters.