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Juclas MFTC

The Juclas MFTC Crossflow is able to respect all the organoleptic and structural characteristics of the wine, it is economical and has the ability to process significant volumes on a daily basis.

Juclas MFTC crossflow utilises hollow fibre membranes, and are fully automatic units. As such, it provides a cost-effective solution for wineries looking to implement crossflow technology.

  • This crossflow offers absolute versatility of filtration.
  • Efficient and differentiated regeneration processes.
  • Automation available, even on the smallest models.
  • This crossflow has expandable, modular and scalable models.
  • Automatic management of CIP washing cycle:
    • At the end of filtration the operator can start the chemical cleaning cycle to regenerate the membrane.
  • Possibility to run an automatic filtration program.
  • Preset the volume of wine to be filtered.
  • Automatic management of intermediate washing cycles:
    • During filtration it is possible to enable the automatic startup of washing sequences with cold/hot water allowing to extend the working time of the filter without the intervention of the operator.
  • Control in real time of the entire system:
    • The control of the valves status, the control of the digital sensors & all the data are read by on-board sensors.
  • Diagnosis of functioning anomalies:
    • The software verifies that the procedures started by the operator are correct and compatible with the use of the filter.
    • It also performs a continuous diagnosis of the instruments on board & ensures that all that all the operations are working within the set parameters.
  • Automatic management of back-flush:
    • During filtration it’s possible to enable the automatic back-flush of the membranes with filtered wine to reduce clogging of the membranes.

Josef Chromy Wines:

“We at Josef Chromy, purchased the Juclas MFTC-04 crossflow in 2021 to replace our smaller Juclas unit, which we had since 2006 and were very happy with. We noticed straight away that the unit was compact, access to valves and pumps was very easy and that the unit was made up of high-quality components, which for us here at Josef Chromy was very important. We loved the ease of operation and last but not least is the amazing speed of filtration and the quality of product out come through the hollow fibre membranes. These membranes let us filter at lower pressure for a better retention of colour and flavour post process and it keeps the wines bright with no post filter shock period.

We are enjoying the new unit and would recommend it to any winery looking to upgrade or seek an alternative to current unit.”

– Ockie Myburgh | Senior Winemaker | Josef Chromy Wines