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Juclas MFTS

The JUCLAS Cross Flow filters have a high degree of automation which minimises the use of personnel (less than one hour per day) and above all, manages efficiently the stages of operation, cleaning and restoration of the membranes. The inbuilt computer autonomously manages intervals between one cleaning and the next, in order to obtain the best performance for each particular kind of product. This translates into a better rate of return for the operation, energy costs being equal and controlled use of the filtration membranes.

The JUCLAS Cross Flow units feature spiral wound membranes manufactured in PDF to respect the quality of the wine by not removing the colour and structure. Each module has a filtering surface of 23mtsq with flow rates varying between 500 to 1000 litres per hour and additional membranes can be added retrospectively, the Allen Bradley PLC provides full automation but can allow easy entry for the operator to view flow rates – filtration cycles (for the last 12 months), cleaning regimes, diagnosis of pump and valve operation. An optional Remote Assistance can be integrated into the PLC.

The installation of speed inverters to all of the pumps (feed & recycling) and the flow modulating valve ensure trans-membrane pressures never exceed 0.3 bar ensuring the lowest D.O. and temperature increases of any cross flow unit on the market.

Inert Gas injection is required for the operation of the MFTS series protecting the wine against oxidation and sparkling wine filtration can be conducted without any further upgrade or cost.

Filterability is achieved with Juclas MFTS delivering turbidity readings of 0.2-0.3 ntu in the end wine tank and performing against the QFT with its 3 indices of Filterability Index, modified FI Maximum Filterable Volume.

Models are available up to 828mtsq (base units can have additional modules added retrospectively).

  • Full automation of even the smallest models.
  • Optimal management of polarising gel.
  • Wine does not get warm.
  • Expandable models.
MFTS 3+Allows 3-6 modules .
MFTS 8+ Allows 8-12 modules.
MFTS M-Line Allows 12 modules on each skid with up to 3 skids (36 membranes ) linked to the one PLC & Pump control skid.