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Kreyer SR

The SR are mobile direct-cooling and heating units, consisting of a cooling aggregate in the upper part and a tubular heat exchanger in the lower part. Heating is performed in the Heat-Pump operation mode. The SR is designed to treat any substance from destalked-grapes to wine, sparkling wine, water, cider, fruit juice and distillates. The cooling units of the SR series are available in seven different sizes / capacities, from 12 to 85 kW. They are ideal for small and medium wineries which require the option to heat their wine as well as to cool it and who want to benefit from great flexibility in use. Due to its direct treatment of the medium, the SR offers the most efficient way for cooling or heating.

  • Mobile unit.
  • All parts that come in contact with the treated medium are made of stainless steel.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • Ideal for small and medium wineries.
ModelCooling Capacity
– From 30 to 25 Degrees C
Cooling Capacity
– From 15 to 0 Degrees C
Heating CapacityNumber Of Fans
SR 412.8 kW7.0 kW13.0 kW1
SR 623.0 kW11.8 kW23.0 kW1
SR 929.0 kW15.4 kW29.0 kW1
SR 11 34.0 kW18.5 kW34.0 kW1
SR 1341.0 kW22.1 kW41.0 kW2
SR 1749.5 kW26.3 kW50.0 kW2
SR 3285.0 kW44.2 kW85.0 kW4