Liverani Fixed Stator Screw Pumps

Single screw pumps with stainless steel pump body for transfer of food and chemical fluids, viscous, heavy liquids also with solid parts in suspension.

The MXF sanitary pump series is state of the art and perfect for the beverage industry . The design, in compliance with EHEDG and 3A standards ensures maximum sanitisation. These pumps are top rated for “Clean in Place” and “Sterilisation in Place” procedures. The geometry of the pumps is designed specifically to allow complete draining and avoid dead zones.

In addition, the parts that come into contact with the product, the block construction and the base/trolley, are also made of stainless steel and has BSM fittings suited to the wine industry.

  • Ensures maximum sanitisation in the transfer process.
  • Design allows complete draining and avoids dead zones.
  • State of the art, perfect for the beverage industry.
TypeInlet/OutletMaterialFeedingkWRPMCapacity (L/H)Head (M)
MXF30INCA38mmAISI 3161 or 3 Phase1.5190 – 880640-300040 m
MXF80INCA50mmAISI 3161 or 3 Phase 2.2115 – 5441600 – 800040m
MXF200INCA63mmAISI 3163 Phase4.0115 – 4704400 – 20,00040m
MXF300INCA75mmAISI 3043 Phase5.5 115 – 4308000 – 30,00040m
MXF600INCA – 7.5100mmAISI 3043 Phase7.5108 – 367 17,600 – 60,00030m
MXF600INCA – 11100mmAISI 3043 Phase 11.0108 – 36717,600 – 60,00040m