Liverani Flexible Impeller Pumps

Liverani are recognised leaders in wine pumps and Winequip carry a large range of flexible impeller pumps in stock.

Options available

  • Single or three phase
  • 2 speed or inverter
  • Cordless or corded remote control
  • Bypass

Winequip also carry a wide range of spare parts for all Liverani models, including a range of seals and replacement impellers for all models.  Below is a guide to the best impeller for your application:

  • Natural rubber (NR) – Excellent for water based liquid at room temperature, highest mechanical resistance.
  • Nitrile (NBR) – Excellent resistance to oils and fats.
  • EPDM – Best for hot fluid and CIP cleaning. Excellent for acid and alkaline fluids.
  • Self-priming (automatic priming of the product up to 6 m even from dry start-up).
  • Reversible operation (the pump can operate in both rotation directions, which permits return of excess liquid without any manual intervention, and also allows easy emptying of pipes on completion of liquid transfer).
  • Excellent priming action even at a low revolutions, which allows the transfer of soft and fragile fluids with viscosities up to 50.000 cp, or with solid particles in suspension, without causing air-locking, avoiding emulsifying or damaging particles.
  • Smooth steady pumping action of the product without pressure spikes (even flow rate ideal for filling, dosing or filtration).
  • The pump can work in all mounting positions.
ModelPower (HP)RPMFlowrate At 8M Head (L/H)
EP Mini 19mm0.5 – 0.75900 – 14001620
Midex 25mm or 38mm0.75 – 1700 – 14003840 – 5760
Minor 38mm1.5 – 2.5900 – 14006900 – 10,000
Major 50mm1.7 – 2.5470 – 9009000 – 22,000
Maxi 75mm with Inverter4.5470 – 6003800 – 43,800