The Rolly is an automatic grape selection roller table for destemming. Made from AISI 304 stainless steel and high-quality PVC rolls, their first section is suitable for liquid drainage and grape seed extraction, with the possibility to add liquid recovery tanks with removeable solid interception grids. The end section consists of shaped rollers, suitable for the separation of berries from stalks, petioles, and leaves. These are adjustable in two different sections (central and terminal) for greater effectiveness at the highest levels. The work table’s inclination is adjustable using telescopic legs and the rotation speed is controlled by an electronic speed variator (inverter).  

Rolly 606 Ton / h with 40cm width of worktop
Rolly 12012 Ton / h with 70cm width of worktop
Rolly 20020 Ton / h with 100cm width of worktop and direct feeding.
Rolly 120V12 Ton / h with 70cm width of worktop and power supply with vibrating slide