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QUANTOR is a series of air-cooled glycol chiller and heating units, developed specifically for the beverages industry for applications in the production of wine, beer, CSD, cider and other drinks which need to be cooled (or also heated) and require control of the temperature of the medium during the manufacture process.

This range of QUANTOR units are available in four model sizes, with cooling capacities from 18 to 45 kW.

These QUANTOR units cover the complete bandwidth of process steps and utility possibilities in beer-brewing, general drinks-industry and winemaking: Cold maceration, cold-settling, fermentation control, wine stabilisation, crush-cooling of brew mash-cooling, cooling for storage and conditioning, fast cooling of mixed-drinks and syrup in heat exchangers, and cooling for carbonation.

  • Large range of features in all models.
  • Reversible unit.
  • Outlet temperature down to -10°C.
ModelsCooling CapacityNumber Of FansTank Capacity
Q151R15 kW2 (Axial, inverter fans)75 L
Q181R18 kW2 (Axial, inverter fans)75 L
Q241R24 kW2 (Axial, inverter fans)75 L
Q352R35 kW2 (Axial, with speed control)100 L
Q452R45 kW2 (Axial, with speed control)100 L