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Quantor Q1434-Q11066

Quantor, the air-cooled units are available also in the capacity range between 242 kW and more than 1.100 kW. The units have been developed specifically for beverages production such as wine, beer, spirits and juices. The modular build offers many optional features which further adapt each unit to its designated production task. All units may be built in the reversible mode to function also as a heat-pump. These Quantor water-cooling units are the ideal solution for wine cellars and breweries who seek a reliable and sustainable, long-term production solution.

This new series of Quantor units also comes with stainless steel pipes (water-side) and with an optimised condenser construction for more efficient heat-transfer.

  • Large range of features in all models.
  • Reversible unit.
  • Outlet temperature down to -10°C.
  • Large range of options for choice.