RLV-iSo Filler

The RLV-iSo4 Filler is a semi-automatic filling machine made from stainless steel, and is used to bottle carbonated beverages like Sparkling Wines. The machine comes with 1 set of filling tubes, with all CO2 connections also provided.


  • High versatility: It is possible to fill glass and PET bottles from 330ml to 1.5 Lt.
  • Product tank with thick walls, tested up to 7 bars.
  • Level probe inside the tank for automatic product inlet
  • Pneumatic bottle-lift with bottle-centering device.
  • Stainless steel filling nozzle, with hot-sanitisable seals.
  • ‘No-foam’ filling system, with rubber ring on the filling pipe to spread the product on the bottle walls.
  • Product level inside the bottle by means of steel pipes, which is easily removable with a tool that is included with machine.
  • Front safety panel with pneumatic safe lock.
  • Pneumatic operated unit.