SA Series Elevator

Washing system of stainless steel for fruits and vegetables with optional attached pivoting centrifugal mill. The washing system consists of sorting grid, washing vessel, chain conveyor and add-on pivoting centrifugal mill RM2.2. The conveyor speed can be adjusted by using the integrated frequency converter. The Elevator is suitable for different foods e.g. fruits, berries or vegetables. Due to the movability, there is a use without the Centrifugal mill possible without any modification work.

  • Robust, water-permeable transport belt.
  • Spacious washing container.
  • Low-maintenance milling system drive.
SA200SA200 + RM2.2SA300SA400
Belt Width230 mm230 mm300 mm400 mm
Nominal Rating1000 kg/h1000 kg/h1000 – 3000 kg/h3000 – 8000 kg/h
Drive Power / Mill0.25 kW0.25 / 2.2 kW0.55 / 4 kW0.55 / 7.5 kW
Total Power Output0.25 kW2.45 kW6.75 kW11.1 kW
Electrical Connection 230v / 50Hz ( Single phase)400v / 50Hz (3 Phase)400v / 50Hz (3 Phase)400v / 50Hz (3 Phase)
Dimensions 2730 x 730 x 2180 mm2900 x 730 x 2180 mm3450 x 940 x 2590 mm3650 x 980 x 2570 mm
Weight190 kg190 + 32 kg350 kg510 kg