Vega R

The VEGA R destemmer with the ROLL SELECTO roller sorter combines the efficient destemming action of the VEGA with the careful selection of the grapes of the ROLL SELECTO. Destemming and selection with a single machine: reduction of dimensions and single unloading of stalks. The sorting table formed by a series of rollers that allow to eliminate small berries, grape seeds and small scraps and a second series of 17 rotating rollers specially shaped to pass the whole grapes under and to remove the pieces stalk and leaves. The centre distance of the rollers of this second series is adjustable so as to optimise the machine configuration according to the grape variety treated. To facilitate the cleaning of the work surface, the Roll Selecto can be completely extracted from the VEGA and the two casings on the sides can be tilted.

  • Can process any kind of grape due to the interchangeable holed cage.
  • Speed adjustment by inverter.
  • Made entirely out of AISI 304 stainless steel.
ModelPower Production Per HourDimensions (mm)
Vega 10 R TS2.25 kW8 – 12 Tons 1370 x 2385 x 2430
Vega 15 R TS4.45 kW 13 – 15 Tons 1370 x 2320 x 2470
Vega 25 R TS5.85 kW 25 – 30 Tons 1570 x 3200 x 2600