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The VinInfo is a modular system in every aspect. The building-blocks of the VinInfo management system are the BU – the ‘Basic Unit’. Each tank and each additional item is regulated by its own BU. All BU in the cellar are connected with a single BUS cable running between them and then to the Server-PC. More BU’s for control of additional equipment can be added at any time, at any place along the cable line – cut (the cable) and connect (another BU). It is a flexible all-able system – the VinInfo can control and display all of the following information:

  • Tank temperature control
  • Pumps and cooling unit control
  • Dosing of oxygen (micro/macro process)
  • Fermentation by CO2 emission levels (sugar conversion)
  • Air-cooling and humidity level control
  • Timed-operation equipment (air-punching, pumped-flooding of the tank)
  • Reports, graphs and archive