Vogelsang Helical Lobe Pumps

Vogelsang offers multiple pump solutions for grapes, must and wine to meet the specific needs of wine producers. The very nature of the rotary lobe pumps, their design and the materials used to make the lobes mean grapes and must can be transferred with little impact when compared to other types of pumps. Outside substances that often cause damage to traditional pumps are also transported without issue.

Uses in the Winery:

  • Pumping whole grapes
  • Must pump
  • Pump overs
  • Wine transfer and bottling
  • Pumping lees
  • The pumps have a large internal cavity meaning they are gentle on grapes and can run at a low rpm, with a low shear design
  • Vogelsang lobe pumps are self priming and can also pump viscous fluids
  • The lobe design ensures the pump is gentle on seeds and skins which enables better tannin management.
  • Are also more forgiving with staples and MOG.