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Water Chiller MCK

The water chiller MCK consists of a cooling unit in the upper part and a pump plus isolated water tank (made of stainless steel) in the lower section. The unit is conveniently constructed from a frame with removable side panels, allowing easy access to the inner components. The ventilator is assembled at the top part of the unit blowing the warm air upwards.

The MCK functions fully automatically  and requires no supervision.

Cooling water temperature range from -10°C to +40°C. Ambient temperature range from +10°C to +32°C.

With a wide range, the MCK series present the ideal solution for medium sized operations, which require heating as well as cooling, and for which compact build, simple installation and high-quality are of value.

  • Stainless steel frame with painted front board..
  • Highly efficient micro-channel condenser.
  • Integrated electric heating rod.
  • Perfect for medium sized operations.
ModelCooling Capacity Approx. Fermentation Capacity Over A 3 Week Period
MCK 14118.3 kW85,000 Lts
MCK 18121.7 kW110,000 Lts
MCK 221 28 kW140,000 Lts
MCK 27133.5 kW170,000 Lts
MCK 321 35.9 kW 200,000 Lts
MCK 36138.9 kW240,000 Lts
MCK 44153.2 kW280,000 Lts
MCK 54160.1 kW350,000 Lts
MCK 64172.4 kW450,000 Lts