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Our range of refrigeration options from Kreyer and Quantor is simply the best in the New Zealand market and our list of successful installations reflects this

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Chilly M-LT

Glycol chiller used for low water temperature ranges, and are perfectly adapted for a wide variety of scenarios across beverage types.

Chilly Max

Chilly Max

The Chilly Max glycol chiller has a compact design, uses little space and is easy to install and start-up, perfect for a range of applications.

Quantor Q672 – Q2262

A cooling unit series, made to measure for manufactures who need to cool or control the temperature of products.

Kreyo Pro

Kreyo Pro

Kreyo Pro is a new series of air-cooled cooling units, developed using the latest in cooling technology and is compliant with R32 cooling gas.

Quantor Plus

Quantor Plus

Quantor Plus is a further development of the Quantor series, which has the capacity to operate with the new R32 refrigerant gas.

Quantor Q1434-Q11066

These Quantor units are the ideal solution for wine cellars and breweries who seek a reliable and sustainable, long-term production solution.

Kreyer SR

Mobile direct-cooling and heating units, ideal for small and medium wineries which require the option to heat their wine as well as to cool it.


A 3 in 1 pre-insulated piping system for chilled water, glycol and brine applications, designed for a range of buildings and systems.


A 3 in 1 pre-insulated piping system for chilled water, glycol and brine applications, designed for a range of buildings and systems.



Designed for measuring and regulating temperature and are mounted on a stainless steel plate, and do not need to be fixed to tanks.


Designed for measuring and regulating tank temperature, made to be fixed into the immersion socket of tanks for optimal control.


A modular system, with all modules connected to a single server-PC, and can control and display a wide variety of information and equipment.

FermFlex Box

Serves to control tank temperature automatically, from a central point for easy review and changing of temperatures on the spot.

Buffer tank

Buffer Tanks

The buffer tank is recommended in cooling installations with closed water systems to enlarge the total water volume in the cooling system.

Water Chiller MCK

The MCK series present the ideal solution for medium sized operations, which require heating as well as cooling.

Thermo Fan TA

Suited to the cooling or heating of large rooms and cellars, and are easily integrated into existing water systems.

Thermo Fan SD-S

Suitable for the cooling and heating of large rooms and halls at positive, human-comfort ambient temperatures.

Thermo Fan MR

Suitable for the cooling and heating of small rooms at positive ambient temperatures, and comes in a variety of sizes.

Thermo Fan QC

The thermo fan QC can be used for cooling or heating of smaller rooms, they are very easy to install and are silent by design.

Thermo Fan SD Plus

The SD Plus is made in stainless steel and is suitable for the cooling and heating of rooms and halls at positive temperatures.

Immersion plates

Immersion Plates

Immersion plates made from AISI 316 or AISI 304 stainless steel and are laser-welded then inflated to create channels.


Equipped with a spinning disk that vaporises water into very fine droplets that can be easily absorbed by the surrounding air, humidifying and cooling a room at the same time.


The solution for your cellar to provide it with air humidity and thus counteract quality losses in wine and outer wood barrel structure.


A humidification system that functions by means of spraying fine water-vapour and distributes it homogeneously in the wine cellar.

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