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Our automatic grape sorters from Mori and Puleo are the perfect solutions for your processing line and are ideal for removing berries from stalks, petioles and leaves.

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Vega R

Combines the efficient destemming action of the Vega with the careful selection of the grapes of the Roll Selecto.


An automatic grape selection roller table for destemming and comes with multiple sections and in a variety of versions.



Optical automatic grape/berry sorter that uses a camera to identify the quality of the product to determine its suitability.

Selecto Belt Elevator

Selecto Belt Elevator

Represents the best solution for transferring whole or destemmed grapes or marcs with a percentage of moisture.

Roll Selecto

A sorting table for destemmed grapes, separating berries from all the unwanted parts at 1-15 tonnes per hour.

Vibra Vibrating Table

Increases wine quality by enabling berries to be sorted more easily by reducing clumping through slotted areas in the table.

Grapeo Dosing Table

Mainly used for grape reception to allow for a continuous and constant flow of the product and is available in two models.

SA Series Elevator

A washing system for fruits and vegetables consisting of sorting grid, washing vessel and a chain conveyor, with optional attachments.

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