Alternatives To Oak In Winemaking

At Winequip, we have a number of alternatives to oak in winemaking. In this case, the focus will be on our range of oak tannins from IOC.

With costs of oak increasing, spread your oak budget across your winery through utilising our oak tannin range. These tannins provide oak flavours to wine as well as influencing colour stabilisation, enhancing fruit, contributing to wine balance and more.

our oak tannin range

Alternatives to oak in winemaking

tanifase elevage

Tanifase Elevage is a blend of French oak tannins that is added during fermentation and/or maturation. It is the first step in our tannin profiling to influence wine style. This tannin has a consistent and complex base profile, consequently it transforms into your own signature profile with the addition of our oak tannins. Additionally, it aids in stabilising colour and varietal aromas and contributes to wine balance and structure.

privilège noir

Like the seductiveness and complexity of new tight grain French barriques without the price tag?
Privilège Noir has complex aromatics of new medium toasted French oak and also enhances notes of red and ripe fruit characters. Further, it adds fine mouth-coating tannins which support the volume and structure of the wine.

Privilège Bleu

Privilège Bleu is a blend of tannins rigorously selected from American oak. Addition of Privilège Bleu reinforces the aromatic intensity of the wine while offering subtle vanilla characters and a softening effect on the palate. Its fine, silky tannins also build structure and finesse.

Essential Oak Barrel

Emulate the aromatic complexity and softening effect of maturation in a mix of new and used oak barrels with Essential Oak Barrel. Achieve a wine with a smooth, generous mouthfeel balanced with a delicate and refined tannin structure. Furthermore, enhance volume, length and persistence for a complete wine whilst maintaining respect of terroir.

Essential Oak Sweet

Sourced entirely from quality French oak, Essential Oak Sweet enhances perceived sweetness for a richer, rounded palate. Aromatic intensity of the wine is heightened with vanilla and cocoa notes. As a result, the balance and structure of the wine improves.

Essential Oak Strong

Essential Oak Strong is a blend of tannins produced from French oak toasted to varying levels designed to develop an oak driven profile. Improved aromatic complexity with charry, roasted coffee and liquorice notes and fullness on the palate are characteristics of the tannin.

Essential Passion

Essential Passion is a blend of tannins sourced from red berry producing trees designed to complement fruit driven wine styles. Vibrant cherry and dark fruit aromas are followed by a fresh berry ‘pop’ of flavour. Essential Passion also enhances the intensity of varietal fruity notes and the sensation of sweetness on the palate to give an approachable fresh, fruity wine profile.

advantages of choosing oak tannins

Lastly, using our alternatives to oak in winemaking has a range of benefits:

  • Controlled dose rate for preferred profile.
  • Immediate integration.
  • Use in conjunction with MOX.
  • Cost efficiency & improved OHS.

Interested in learning more about our range of alternatives to oak in winemaking? Contact your local Winequip office to speak with one of our experts.

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