BRI Trial Wines Report

In collaboration with our key suppliers Oenobrands and Anchor Oenology, trials were conducted with the Bragato Research Institute over three consecutive seasons (2021, 2022 and 2023). These trials were conducted on Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (’21 & ’22) and Pinot Gris (’23), with the objective to demonstrate the repeatable performance of our key thiol and ester producing strains from the Fermivin and Anchor range. These trials were coordinated in comparison with reference yeasts known for enhanced levels of thiols and esters. 

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Anchor Alchemy I

Anchor Alchemy II

Anchor VIN 7

Anchor VIN 13

Fermivin 4F9

Fermivin TS28

Fermivin Vineae

Natuferm Bright


These Marlborough based trials demonstrated the ability of our trusted ester and thiol producing strains to produce aroma and flavour profiles that continue to provide varietal typicity and intensity to New Zealand wines.

In our Sauvignon Blanc trials, the Anchor and Fermivin strains used had enhanced levels of thiol expression with the capacity between strains to manage relative levels of 3MH, 3MHA and 4MMP. The trials highlighted the potential of our Anchor and Fermivin yeast strains to manage the stylistic direction and explore the sub-regional potential of Sauvignon Blanc and other thiolic grapes in New Zealand winemaking regions.

Our Pinot Gris trial highlighted the capacity of the Anchor and Fermivin strains trialled to create winemaking opportunities to direct the concentration and character of the key esters that underpin Pinot Gris and other aromatic wine styles.

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