Kreyer VinInfo Installation

In a new addition to our Adelaide research facility, a Kreyer VinInfo setup was integrated to simplify the entire temperature control process. Learn more in this case study.

The Kreyer VinInfo is a modular system regulated by a connection of ‘Basic Units’ (BU). Each BU is connected by a single cable running between them and to the server-PC. VinInfo is designed to enhance the efficiency of temperature control, through easy adjustment of aspects like tank layout and adding new equipment.

VinInfo is able to control the following:

  • Tank temperatures.
  • Fermentation control by CO2 emission levels.
  • Pumps and cooling units.
  • Oxygenation dosage and regulation.
  • Air-cooling and humidity level control.
  • Timed-operation switching.
  • Alarms by email, message and displayed on the server-PC.
  • Reports, graphs and archives.

This software functions through Kreyer FERM controllers (FermFix, FermFlex, FermFlex BOX) connecting with each BU to control one or more piece of equipment. Each BU transfers commands set by the user, which it then sends to the server. Each BU is very easy to install and wire, future proof, has a high measuring accuracy and secure data transfer.

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