Mori Processing Line Installation

When a Margaret River customer was looking for a solution to streamline their grape receival process, Winequip WA was able to provide a solution using Mori’s range of receiving and sorting equipment. Learn more in the below case study.

project background

To enhance overall efficiency, the customer sought a solution to regulate the dumping speed of grapes when using a forklift bin tipper. Additionally, they aimed to improve the speed of grape processing, reduce the number of additional personnel, and reduce any safety concerns related to over dumping.

Upon being presented this challenge, the Winequip team proposed utilising Mori processing equipment to optimise the grape receival process.

recommended mori equipment

Having already purchased a Mori Rolly 120 in the past, the team at Winequip WA suggested installing the TRAV 500 vibrating hopper at the point of grape reception. The TRAV 500 has been engineered to evenly meter out up to 500kg of whole grapes or must when tipped directly into the hopper by the forklift operator. The TRAV comes equipped with electronic speed variator, is built in full stainless steel and comes on wheels with adjustable feet.

Mori processing equipment installed

TRAV500 installed alongside the Rolly120 at a WA customer


The vibrating hopper allowed flexibility for use with either an elevator to feed into the destemmer, or for processing directly onto the Mori Rolly 120 previously supplied by Winequip. Therefore, the whole process was easily managed by the forklift operator alone.

With the Mori TRAV500 installed during Vintage 2023 alongside the Rolly 120, the customer was able to increase their processing speed by up to 50% whilst reducing the amount of personnel required to do the job.


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