Puleo Installation At Cirillo Estate

When Marco & the team at Cirillo Estate were seeking a new primary processing option, Winequip were happy to assist. Learn more about the installation below.

project background

The Cirillo family moved to the region of Light Pass in 1970, when owner Vincent became the custodian to vineyards that were planted in 1848. Today this land is noted as the oldest surviving Grenache and Semillon parcels in the world. The techniques used by Vincent & his son Marco in the past has helped the vines support themselves and produce quality fruit each year.

In order for Cirillo Estate to keep growing, Marco was looking for a primary processing option that was going to bring them into the modern era. This option had to support the techniques used previously, while still looking after the delicate nature of their quality fruit. Given this, the team at Winequip Adelaide made the recommendation to install Puleo wine equipment at Cirillo Estate.

Puleo Wine Equipment
Puleo Prexa F70 Drain Press at Cirillo Estate

puleo background

Founded in 1968, Puleo is a leading winery equipment manufacturer based in Italy. The development of their high quality equipment range has led to them supplying wine equipment to more than 20 countries around the world, showcasing the confidence consumers have in the Puleo wine equipment range. Today, Puleo’s advanced manufacturing facilities, highly skilled workforce and continuous research and development into new technology make their equipment ideal for wineries of all sizes.

Puleo manufactured products allow for:

  • Total control of the production process.
  • Constant quality control of machines and components.
  • Flexibility to create units designed for specific customer needs.
Puleo Wine Equipment
Puleo Vega 25 at Cirillo Estate

PULEO units installed at cirillo estate

Prexa F Drain Press

Prexa F Drain Presses have a compact and modern design and are purpose built to offer better functionality to the customer. The Prexa F series is available in a wide range of models, with tank capacities from 720 to 24,700 litres available. They are equipped with a lateral membrane and draining slots on the opposite side of the drum allowing for draining of juice or wine to the outside of the tank.

Main features of the Prexa F Press series include:

  • Maximum extraction thanks to the wide draining surface tank.
  • User friendly interface with touch screen.
  • Quick and simple maintenance and cleaning.
  • Variety of customisable pressing programs.
  • Built in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Puleo Wine Equipment
Puleo Prexa F70 At Cirillo Estate

Vega Prime Crusher-Destemmer

The Vega Prime range of Puleo crusher-destemmers are suitable for destemming and crushing grapes, with a key focus on respecting the integrity of the berry while ensuring maximum quality. There are a number of models available in the Prime range, with production levels from 25 to 120 tons per hour available.

The Vega Prime has a number of innovative details & features, including:

  • Crusher with rubber rollers.
  • Easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Control panel to manage the entire system.
  • Interchangeable holed cage that allows processing of any kind of grape.
  • Cage and destemmer shaft have increased length to ensure a more refined destemming action.
  • Integrated sprayballs for ease of cleaning.
Vega Prime
Puleo Vega Prime At Cirillo Estate

Click here to view our entire range of puleo wine equipment, or contact your local winequip office for more information.

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