Winequip 2024 Product Catalogue

Our 2024 winery catalogue features our entire range from industry leading suppliers Oenobrands, Anchor, IOC & Novozymes.

what’s new?

This year we have a number of exciting new innovations from our product suppliers. A few selected new items are featured below:

Extraferm D'Fend
Fermivin Vineae

Extraferm D’fend is a protective yeast derivative that ensures oxidative stability in white and rosé wines during long-term storage.

Fermivin Vineae is a Hanseniaspora vineae yeast for white, rosé, red, still and sparkling winess. It is used to increase aroma, complexity and texture. 

Qi’Smoke is a formulation of chitosan and high quality carbon specifically developed for the reduction and elimination of smoke taint in wine.

Download the catalogue to check out the full range of products available.

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