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At Winequip, we are always staying up to date with the latest products and equipment from our key industry suppliers. Learn more about what’s new below.


Extraferm D’Fend ensures oxidative stability in white and rosé wines. It preserves the freshness and fruitiness of wines, without oxidative or reductive notes. It offers immediate and long-lasting protection during wine ageing.

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Fermivin P21

Fermivin P21 is our yeast selection of choice for producing bright and glossy wines that are rich in pyranoanthocyanins. It produces wines with very good levels of polyphenols and polysaccharides that assist in colour stabilisation, tannin harmonisation and aromatic integration.

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Natuferm Bright

Natuferm Bright is an aromatic booster for white and rosé wines. It is rich in amino acid precursors of esters and activators for the release of varietal thiols. It is rich in ergosterol, vitamins and minerals essential for yeasts, especially under difficult conditions.

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