Anchor Nourish

Anchor Nourish forms part of the Sustenance nutrient range that can be used to adjust the nitrogen and nutritional content of the must in order to ensure a complete and quality fermentation.

Nourish provides a complex source of organic and inorganic nitrogen during fermentation, as well as essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and stress resistance factors like sterols and unsaturated fatty acids. Nourish therefore secures yeast multiplication and viability during fermentation, ensuring optimum yeast performance. The stress resistance factors ensure membrane integrity, especially towards the end of fermentation, as well as protecting the yeast against medium chain fatty acid inhibitors.

Nourish is composed of inactivated yeast, di-ammonium phosphate and thiamine. It is a complete and complex nutrient that acts as a source of both organic and mineral nitrogen, as well as providing thiamine.

  • Ensures a secure fermentation & enhances the fermentation quality.
  • Promotes yeast multiplication, growth and viability.
  • Ergosterols regulated yeast growth, maintain membrane permeability and improve alcohol tolerance.
  • Compensates for nitrogen deficient must.
  • Reduces the risk of sluggish or stuck fermentations.
  • Efficient, balanced and complete alcoholic fermentation.