Anchor Revive

Anchor Revive forms part of the Inception nutrient range that is used during the rehydration process of the yeast before inoculation.

Anchor Revive is a natural, yeast-derived source of high levels of essential growth factors like vitamins and minerals that act as an enzymatic co-factors. These ensure the efficiency of transport mechanisms in the cell membrane and promote cellular growth. Revive also provides amino acids, micronutrients, stress resistance and survival factors like ergosterols and fatty acids. These compounds increase the quality of the yeast metabolism, as well as their tolerance to ethanol.

Anchor Revive is 100% yeast-derived and provides the fermenting yeast with a natural source of essential growth and survival factors that optimise yeast metabolism for a secure fermentation. Revive also minimises the formation of undesirable aroma compounds and enhances the sensory quality of the wine.

  • Ensures a secure fermentation & enhances the fermentation quality.
  • Improves yeast acclimatisation, implantation, viability and metabolism.
  • Increases membrane integrity, ethanol tolerance and efficiency of sugar transportation and consumption.
  • Reduces the risk of sluggish/stuck fermentation
  • Enhances fermentation security.