Extraferm D’Tox

Extraferm adsorbs and eliminates many toxic and undesirable compounds present in must and/or wine. Extraferm promotes smooth alcoholic or malolactic fermentation by eliminating medium chain fatty acids, which are known to inhibit yeast and lactic acid bacteria. Extraferm can also bind and eliminate over 50% of undesirable molecules such as ochratoxin A, unpleasant aroma molecules such as anisoles and dibutyl phthalate.

Extraferm yeast hulls easily form a sediment, which enables fast and efficient racking after Extraferm has been added.

  • Improves fermentation conditions by eliminating fatty acids, which are toxic to yeast and bacteria.
  • Improves the yeasts tolerance and viability.
  • Improves the wines analytical properties.
  • Restores the wines organoleptic profile.