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IOC Fining, Flotation & Stabilisation

View our extensive range of fining agents and adjuvants from  IOC to improve your winemaking process both during and post fermentation.

20 products

Potassium Metabisulphite

Contains 52 to 55% available sulphur dioxide, is an antiseptic against yeast/bacteria and operates as an antioxidant activity.

Inodose Tablets

Simplify the sulphiting operation for wines matured under wood and allow for gradual uniform release of the required dose of SO2.


A very good flocculating agent. It facilitates sedimentation of lees at the end of alcoholic fermentation and has low deproteinising power.

Compact DUE

A high quality activated bentonite, for use in juice and wine and is an excellent clarifier, offering a better colloidal stability.

Inostab MES

Delays the formation of tartaric sales (both potassium and calcium) in wine, and is a highly purified cellulose gum.


Otaclean is a granular activated vegetal carbon adapted to deodorising juice and wines with a low capacity to remove colour.


Trap'Metals is a chitosan based, non-allergenic product to reduce the concentration of metals in juice and wine.

Calcium Tartrate

Essential for optimum tartrate stabilisation of wines that contain a high calcium content liable to form precipitates in the bottle.


An active vegetal charcoal, used for deodorising juice and wines, especially against certain tastes: mould, and vegetal (IPMP).

PVPP (Granulated)

Eliminates certain phenol substances responsible for browning or organoleptic deviations in certain wines.

Cristalline Supra

A mixture of lyophilised, pre-hydrolysed fish-based fining powder to ensure faster dispersion compared to other fish-based finings.


Hydrolysed porcine gelatine intended for fining red wines, and is characterised by a high quality of surface changes.


A unique and innovative technological ancillary made up of polysaccharides of non-animal origin that is allergen- and synthetic product-free.


A top-grade clarifier fostering rapid sedimentation, refining wines by eliminating harsh/bitter end notes while preserving aromatic quality.

Colorprotect V

Significantly reduces oxidation phenomena. Its formulation results from a synergistic effect between bentonites, PVPP and plant proteins.

Acticarbone Eno

An inert active vegetal charcoal adapted for discolouration of juice and stained white wines, designed not to affect a wines bouquet.

Inofine V

An allergen-free plant-based protein designed to combat oxidation of juice and wines while contributing to their clarification.


A highly concentrated chitosan flotation aid, for white, rosé and red juices, and is natural, biodegradable and non-allergenic.


Greatly assists in the formation of stable hydrophobic floccules that lead to more effective and rapid flotation.


Highly effective in neutralising the electrical charge of the solid-gelatin floccules produced in flotation, enhancing speed of clarity.

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