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IOC Fining, Flotation & Stabilisation

View our extensive range of fining agents and adjuvants from  IOC to improve your winemaking process both during and post fermentation.


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Qi'up XC


A highly concentrated chitosan flotation aid, for white, rosé and red juices, and is natural, biodegradable and non-allergenic.



A unique and innovative technological ancillary made up of polysaccharides of non-animal origin that is allergen- and synthetic product-free.



A top-grade clarifier fostering rapid sedimentation, refining wines by eliminating harsh/bitter end notes while preserving aromatic quality.

Inofine V

Inofine V

An allergen-free plant-based protein designed to combat oxidation of juice and wines while contributing to their clarification.

Acticarbone Eno

Acticarbone Eno

An inert active vegetal charcoal adapted for discolouration of juice and stained white wines, designed not to affect a wines bouquet.



Highly effective in neutralising the electrical charge of the solid-gelatin floccules produced in flotation, enhancing speed of clarity.

Colorprotect V

Colorprotect V

Significantly reduces oxidation phenomena. Its formulation results from a synergistic effect between bentonites, PVPP and plant proteins.

Compact DUE

A high quality activated bentonite, for use in juice and wine and is an excellent clarifier, offering a better colloidal stability.



Qi'Smoke is a formulation of chitosan and high quality carbon specifically developed for the reduction and elimination of smoke taint in wine.



An active vegetal charcoal, used for deodorising juice and wines, especially against certain tastes: mould, and vegetal (IPMP).

Inostab MES

Inostab MES (CMC)

Delays the formation of tartaric sales (both potassium and calcium) in wine, and is a highly purified CMC.

Calcium Tartrate

Calcium Tartrate

Essential for optimum tartrate stabilisation of wines that contain a high calcium content liable to form precipitates in the bottle.

Potassium Metabisulphite

Potassium Metabisulphite

Contains 52 to 55% available sulphur dioxide, is an antiseptic against yeast/bacteria and operates as an antioxidant activity.

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