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View our wide range of winemaking chemicals and additives we carry in pack sizes suited to both large and boutique producers.

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Citric Acid

Used for neutralising caustic residues and odours; especially through pad filters prior to filtration.

Lactic Acid

Guarantees effective protection against potential microbial contamination during prolonged periods of non-use.


Antioxidant for use in wine and cider, for use use in conjunction with appropriate levels of Free SO2.

Tartaric Acid

Used to balance the palate in reds and adds a crisp finish in whites while lowering pH to aid SO2 in preserving wine.

Malic Acid

Add to white and rosé wines to balance the acid profile of a wine, or where a tartaric acid addition is not desired.

Potassium Sorbate

Added to sweet wines and liqueurs to inhibit alcoholic fermentation by yeasts.

Potassium Metabisulphite

Contains 52 to 55% available sulphur dioxide, is an antiseptic against yeast/bacteria and operates as an antioxidant activity.

Cream of Tartar

Australian Food Grade pure Cream of Tartar (potassium bitartrate)

Inodose Tablets

Simplify the sulphiting operation for wines matured under wood and allow for gradual uniform release of the required dose of SO2.

Inostab MES

Delays the formation of tartaric sales (both potassium and calcium) in wine, and is a highly purified cellulose gum.

Calcium Tartrate

Essential for optimum tartrate stabilisation of wines that contain a high calcium content liable to form precipitates in the bottle.

Flashgum R MF

Harmonises the structure of weak wines and increases the impression of volume and fullness in mouth, re-establishing the balance of flavours.

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