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Duet Soft


Our malolactic bacteria range covers all bases in terms of wine styles, pH and alcohol tolerance. Check out our key selection criteria download to choose the most appropriate malo for your wine

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Anchor Revive


The Anchor range of complex nutrients is the best available and covers all stages of the winemaking process – we have nutrients for yeast rehydration, throughout ferment and assisting stuck ferments. Organic options available as well.

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Ultra Clear


View our wide range of both liquid and granular enzymes from key industry suppliers such as Novozymes and Oenobrands that can enhance the yield, colour and quality of your wine.

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Our range of Chitosan based products from IOC are an excellent biological option for winemakers to inhibit detrimental developments, assist with flotation, control oxidation and more

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Essential Antioxidant

IOC Tannins

Check our wide range of IOC Tannins that can be used throughout the winemaking process to aid in areas such as fermentation, colour stabilisation and improving the palate structure of your finished wine.

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IOC Sparkling Wine

View our wide range of IOC Sparkling Wine products including nutrients, riddling aids, bacteria and yeast to ensure your sparkling wine is of the highest quality.

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View our range of mannoproteins, gum arabic and grape concentrate from IOC that can aid in improving taste, flavour and structure of your wine

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Inodose Additive

Other Additives

View our wide range of winemaking chemicals and additives we carry in pack sizes suited to both large and boutique producers

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Verdant IPA Brewing Yeast

Brewing Products

Lalbrew – We Brew with You – We distribute the rapidly expanding range of dry brewing yeasts from Lallemand and brewing adjuvants from AB Vickers.  The range of yeasts is growing exponentially each year and we have multiple options for all beer types available .

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Cleaning Products

View our wide range of cleaning chemicals that can be used in a variety of applications to ensure your equipment can be effectively washed and sterilised.

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